This site is a new home for the Megapirate X autopilot project.

The MegaPirate X autopilot project is designated to control RC model planes, multirotors and other aircrafts, FPV aircrafts and small UAVs. It has built-in OSD overlay system.

The flight controller was built around the powerful Cortex M4 CPU and uses advanced algorithms and several types of sensors to keep the aircraft safe in the air.

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Its main features are:

  • Extended manual control with onboard channel mixer
  • Aerobatic flight mode
  • Autoleveling flight
  • Two-way wireless telemetry (requires separate modems)
  • Computer joystick control
  • FlightGear flight simulator support
  • Multi-screen graphic OSD for FPV flights
  • Voice and sound alerts
  • Return home when control is lost
  • Waypoint flying
  • Position and altitude hold modes
  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Variometer with sound
  • Programmable LED controller
  • Telemetry-over-video
  • Ground antenna tracking
  • One-click firmware update (requires Internet connection)
  • Flight telemetry recording and playback in realtime using the PC software
  • Flight logs analysis and export to processing and graphing software

*****Automated flight modes are available for planes only!

The flight controlling system consists of several pieces of hardware and software. It can be easily scaled to cut down the costs.
In our store you can find everything you need to build a full-featured autopilot system at the decent price.
The system is also well documented and has a comprehensive user's manual that can be found in the 'files' section of the website.

Enjoy your stay.
The Megapirate X team

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