Megapirate X mini

An autopilot board with built-in OSD. No IMU and baro sensors installed

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WARNING! This "mini" board does not contain IMU sensors and barometer! To have your autopilot functional you should connect your existing IMU board to the I2C socket.


The Megapirate X is a flight controller for RC aircrafts and smal UAVs.

It is an ideal flight controller to get into FPV due to its rich graphic OSD, ease of use and extensive flight control capabilities.

Features list:

  • Extended manual control with onboard channel mixer
  • Aerobatic flight mode
  • Autoleveling flight
  • Two-way wireless telemetry (requires separate modems)
  • Computer joystick control
  • FlightGear flight simulator support
  • Multi-screen graphic OSD
  • Voice and sound alerts
  • Return home when control is lost
  • Waypoint flying
  • Position and altitude hold modes
  • Automatic takeoff and landing
  • Variometer with sound
  • Programmable LED controller
  • Telemetry-over-video
  • Ground antenna tracking
  • One-click firmware update (requires Internet connection)


This mini board does not contain IMU sensors and baro!

Please read the manual thoroughly before using this complicated device! See the 'files' section of this site.