The onboard flight data recorder

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The X-logger is a tiny device to record an outgoing telemetry from the Megapirate X autopilot board. It is small enough to make it heavily armored without a big weight penalty to survive really hard crashes. Special microSD card holder prevents sliding the card off the socket.

Simply connect the X-logger to the MPX Serial port, insert the microSD card up to 16GB formatted to FAT or FAT32 and power on the MPX board as usual.

Once the power is applied the X-logger creates a new file on your microSD card and starts recording.

The file format is XLOG i.e. timestamped telemetry stream which can be playbacked in realtime using the MPX GCS built-in Flight Data Recorder or exported to the CSV textual file.

The X-logger can be used simultaneously with the telemetry modem or PC connection using the Y-cable.

The file size depends on the telemetry sub-streams rates which can be adjusted separately in the GCS. At the maximum settings (10 Hz for all) the file size will be about 4.4 MB per hour.
I.e. 2GB card can keep approx. 18 days (436 hours) of non-stop recordings at maximum datarate.

Also the X-logger can be used on the ground. Being connected to the MPX AAT it will be able to record the telemetry extracted from the video signal.


The X-logger is an open-source firmware project under the Creative Commons Share Alike v3.0 license.

See for license details.

The source code can be downloaded here.

The X-logger is based on the OpenLog project by Nathan Seidle of SparkFun Electronics.